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What Is a Campfire Culture?

A Campfire culture is one characterized by shared stories, deep conversations, and strengthened relationships.

What Is a Campfire Culture?

If you think about memories you have around a campfire, they are often characterized by shared stories, deep conversations, and strengthened relationships. Whether you come as strangers, friends, or family, everyone leaves feeling closer, uplifted, and inspired. This is what we call a Campfire Culture. When applied to business, a Campfire Culture takes on a similar purpose and meaning.

If you've been in the workplace long enough, you've most likely been on teams where you lack a sense of belonging, struggle to be yourself, and fail to collaborate effectively with other members of the group. On these types of teams, relationships are weak, inspiration is lacking, and culture is absent. Unfortunately, these teams are much more common.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are teams where you feel a sense of belonging, form strong relationships, and work effectively with others. On these teams, ideas and insights are shared freely, and creativity thrives. These kinds of teams are harder to come by. And, as more companies transition to remote work, it is becoming increasingly difficult to collaborate, connect, and solve important problems together.

Now is the time to invest in culture.

A Campfire Culture is characterized by deep discussions, strengthened relationships, and inspired people. Leaders who read with their team create a Campfire Culture where team members are inspired by their mission, grow in critical skills, and feel connected to each other. Unite your people and start today to build a strong culture on your team.

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